About Us

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Who We Are

We began our journey as a group of determined, focused and seasoned professionals who wanted to make a difference in this industry. Together, we founded Reis HR in 2003. As a premier end-to-end recruitment and HR outsourcing firm, we draw from our own vast experiences across industries. Our members bring expertise and knowledge from diverse backgrounds including Banking and Financial Services, Information Technology Enabled Services, and Human Resources.

We work in partnership with global companies to deliver reliable and professional placements that meet your unique and dynamic requirements. We understand that you’re looking for much more than just a CV on your desk. And with our huge databank of professionals, as well as our mapping and headhunting capabilities, we ensure we add value to your organization. Our broad spectrum of skills and services enables us to assess your staffing and organizational needs. Quickly, accurately and effectively.

Our Values

We are search consultants. So the knowledge we bring, the advice we give and the services we offer have an impact on businesses, careers and, most importantly, the lives of people. We understand and recognize these responsibilities completely.

Our code of professional ethics is based on the following:

  • Emphasizing and upholding honesty and integrity.
  • Nurturing every relationship with great care and sincerity.
  • Committing towards quality, consistency and building human relationships.
  • Valuing long-term relationships above short-term gains.
  • Investing consistently in the training and development of our own people and our technology infrastructure.
  • Dedicating ourselves relentlessly to quality work.

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