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Executive Search

Senior positions are the most important and critical manpower requirements any organization has. It’s no wonder then that our clients are extremely selective and particular about the kind of people they hire for senior positions.

Keeping this in mind, we strive to identify, screen and present the best possible candidates. After receiving the mandate, we spend time understanding the position and converse with HR to synchronize everyone’s thoughts and expectations. We then identify appropriate candidates and discuss their candidatures with you. After an elimination process, we present the most suitable selections to you and work towards ensuring a smooth joining for the person you choose.

Volume Assignment

When any of our clients start working on full throttle, we extend all our support especially by breaking geographical barriers.

R-Blue, our team which takes up these assignments, commits an interview date to the client and spreads itself across 4-5 locations, approximately a month prior to that date. The team camps in these places, identifies a large number of candidates and then presents them for an interview on that one day. R-Blue’s success stories include one where a client has made offers to 60 of our candidates on a single weekend from 4 locations.

Niche Assignment

Sometimes, an organization receives assignments where a large population with the requisite skillset is not available. In certain cases, even the ones who are available are not confined to a particular geography. Our specialist team, R-Endurance, continuously maps organizations across the country to know what skills are available where.

We have regular clientele who offload all their positions to us, and also have customers who don’t give us their regular requirement work but only the most challenging assignments. With support from the incredible R-Endurance team, we have successfully handled some very complex assignments from various clients.

Turn-key Assignment

At Reis HR, we offer an end-to end-process that is managed by us at our offices and the candidates selected here go for a final interview with the client. The SLA is that 9 of the 10 candidates we send shall get selected. We run the ads, we screen the people and we manage the database. It’s a hassle-free process for any organization. That’s why so many of our clients have outsourced their CRA/Agent level recruitment to us.


Giving people the news of their dismissal is always an extremely delicate situation for an organization. How you deal with your employee(s) during this time has a lasting impact on the employee and the company. Many things are at stake including your organization’s corporate image, its current employees and its future plans. It’s important to remember than an employee or ex-employee is an ambassador of your organization. Caring for their future is a sign of professional ethic as well as human empathy.

At Reis HR, our goal is to ensure the transition a positive experience, so that the employees carry fond and valuable memories of their past employment. When your employees view the change as an opportunity to move ahead with their career, your corporate image remains intact, your downstream legal implications are reduced and you rest assured knowing that your people have been well looked after.

Diversity Hiring

In today’s economy, it is critical to get your hiring decisions right. Every employee requires the expensive and time-consuming tasks of orientation, training and indoctrination. A single bad hire can interrupt the smooth functioning of your organization with multiple operational and financial setbacks. Hiring the correct employee becomes even more vital when you’re looking to extend your work into new markets or territories. That’s where diversity hiring comes in.

A diverse workforce can empathize, operate and communicate effortlessly across cultures within the global economy. A multicultural, trained and talented employee base therefore becomes your greatest advantage. The best way to attract their attention is through a focused campaign on a specific demographic. This is far more effective than a widespread communication plan. The tangible benefits of diversity hiring include a better relationship with your clients as well as enhanced employee motivation, innovation and retention. Diversity initiatives can improve the quality of an organization’s workforce, environment, and productivity, and can lead to a better ROI in human capital.

HR Outsourcing

Every business needs to take care of the employees’ well-being. That’s what makes the Human Resource (HR) department a critical component in any organization. The responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, and staying updated on the state and tax laws.

Work Offload

As our client, you can even send the work to us and execute it at our offices. We run payroll, PF, performance management related data work, comp reviews, group insurance policy management, and recruitment for our clients.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

We know your staffing needs are unique and specific. And so we offer you a customized solution. Our personnel can work from various locations, including the site preferred by you. In the past, our personnel have been invited by clients to work out of their specified locations and run their recruitment process. We take on anything at both the executive and entry levels. From outsourcing an entire department or project to an individual search, we offer our own staff onsite, at your premises, to assist you in sourcing your people.


Many organizations require temporary resources for various reasons. These include major projects, peak in work load, new expansions and skill shortage, or even company plans to limit the permanent staff headcount. Employing a temporary resource when you need it is an effective way to increase productivity and keep control of your staffing costs. R-Staffing provides you temporary staff with multiple skills, and at all levels.