Reaching Out

We care. And we do our bit.
For a good cause. Always.

As a firm that forms relationships with people from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and capabilities, we at Reis HR give a great importance to the human connect. And so, we wish to reach out to people in whichever way we can. The Association for the Welfare of persons with a Mental Handicap (AWMH), Maharashtra, is a cause that is very close to our hearts.

AWMH Maharashtra was established in the early seventies by a group of dynamic and enlightened mothers whose children had intellectual and development disabilities. The organization is considered the first parents’ association of its kind in India. Since its inception, AWMH has grown fast and now has a membership of over 450, comprising individuals, parents’ associations and teaching institutions.

AWMH has always encouraged sports as part of its curriculum. The organization believes that sports inculcate a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie, generate self-confidence and self-respect and help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to join the main stream of society.

In keeping with this school of thought, AWMH organizes the Annual Maharashtra State Cricket Tournament for students from special schools and residential homes from all over the state. The tournament is played with a spirit of entertainment and not as a competition.

Since 2003, Reis HR has been the main sponsor of this event. We have encouraged the wonderful initiative and have extended both financial and moral support to the AWMH team. We also wish to partner them in their dream of organizing inter-state and national level tournaments for their students in the future.

It gives us incomparable joy to see the difference we make to these special lives in our own small way. If you would like to know more about AWMH, Maharashtra, click here.