Our Methods. Fine tuned over the years.
Perfectly aligned to your business.

There’s only one way for us to achieve our goals. Our unique methodology. Meticulous with the technicalities and dedicated to all our relationships.

  • We strive to maintain the highest professional standards in all our assignments.
  • Our process is designed to attract and hire the best talent available.
  • Our delivery is NOT just a set of candidates, but a discussion on market availability, comparative benchmarking and the reassuring knowledge that we’ve found the perfect solution for you.

Our process is characterized by three phases:

  • Understanding you through extensive consultation, to get to know you as a person and asses what your organization requires.
  • Requirement documentation to define the objectives of the assignment and develop an ideal candidate profile. We also create a job description that accurately explains the opportunity to interested parties.
  • Mapping and search strategies are developed and customized to your needs. We include a target list of companies where the ideal candidate/profile is most likely to be identified. A systematic research of these target companies, combined with input from key industry sources, is then conducted to develop a list of prospective candidates for thorough screening and evaluation.
  • Candidate identification and assessment ensures that we approach people whose experience, credentials, skills and accomplishments are appropriate for the position. We collect multiple resumes, accumulating an extensive pool, before the evaluation process begins. Every candidate recommendation we send out is based on a thorough personal interview and a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s capability for the job, compatibility with your organization’s operating environment, and interest level in the opportunity.
  • Client interviews are scheduled only after we have provided a detailed presentation on each recommended candidate. After this, our consultant follows up with both parties to determine whether the candidate suits the organization and to discuss the appropriate next steps. In addition, thorough reference checks are conducted by us.
  • Final selection and negotiation is a critical time for everyone concerned. That’s why we develop a strategy for the preparation and presentation of a formal offer of employment. As a third party participant, our consultant can recommend and assist in the negotiation of an acceptable compensation package.
  • Follow-up after a successful candidate has started the job is always a good practice. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client to ensure a smooth integration into the organization as well as the achievement of performance goals.